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Feedback and Complaints Procedure

Feedback and complaints can be received in several different pathways, including:



Telephone: 08 9203 8229




in person: Unit 1, 434 Lord Street, Mount Lawley, WA, 6050

Open envelope

In writing:


Feedback and Complaints Form: Feedback and Complaints form



Our customers (NDIS participants) are advised about the Feedback and Complaints process as part of our service provision including the methods by which they can provide feedback.

We provide this information as part of ‘onboarding’ with NDIS Participants, and also during yearly reviews. The information provided can include:

  • A copy of our Feedback and Complaints policy and procedure;
  • Easy English, plain English or accessible versions of this policy and procedure;
  • Our Feedback and Complaints Form

Complaints or feedback can also be made anonymously.

If required, participants can be supported to make their complaint or provide feedback and can be provided with information about how to access independent advocacy. Refer to:


Appropriate support and assistance to contact the Commissioner in relation to a complaint will be provided to any person who wishes to make a complaint. 


Details about how to complain directly to Sunshine Counselling and Support Services or to the NDIS Commission will be provided to customers initially and again if required and are also publicly accessible via our website or on request.


The Commissioner contact details are available at complaints-feedback (1800 035 544 or TTY 133 677). 


All Complaints, including any made anonymously, are entered into our feedback and complaints register and actioned.  


Should a complaint be made against the CEO, Sunshine Counselling and Support Services will advise the complainant that they can appoint an external person or body to handle complaint about the CEO, and/or contact the NDIS Commission.


Sunshine Counselling and Support Services ensures that all workers are trained in our Feedback and Complaints Management procedure during induction and on an ongoing basis. Complaints are managed by our CEO.