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Improved Daily Living

Support to build and improve life skills

This category includes many different supports to help build skills like budgeting skills, general life skills, training for carers, counselling, and therapy assessment and support. At Sunshine Counselling & Support Services we have counsellors, social workers and Registered Nurses to support your NDIS goals to maintain, improve and build your life skills. 

We can help you develop, build and maintain the skills to live in the way you wish at home and participate more in your local community. 

If you have a current NDIS plan with approved funding for ‘improved daily living’ under your capacity building supports category, you may be eligible to access our Counselling services

Sunshine Counselling & Support Services supports a range of customers with disability, but our focus area is adolescents and adults from 15 to 65 years. If you’re interested in our Improved Daily Living supports, simply complete the contact us form below to get in contact with one of our friendly staff today. 

Improved Daily Living Supports

Sunshine Counselling & Support Services can help you with a number of supports to improve your daily living and general well being. Some of these supports may include:

Daily Living and Life Skills

Our team of trained support workers and allied health staff can help you identify strategies to manage your day to day life. We can help you learn how to travel more independently, as well as manage other daily tasks like showering, dressing, cleaning, cooking, budgeting, meal planning and more – all depending on your needs.

Care Support and Advice

If you’re a primary caregiver for a person with a disability, our specially trained staff can help support you in your duties and offer advice alongside our plans and assessments to ensure you feel confident and supported in your role as a carer. Our health professionals can also provide education and training to carers in line with your plan goals and needs.

Therapy Programs

Our team of registered Allied Health professionals counsellors can help you strengthen your life skills to achieve your goals through an individualised support program.

Individual Assessments and Reporting

Many of our customers require the support of a health professional to maintain or improve participation at home or in the community. Our friendly team of Allied Health professionals can help assess and provide a detailed report so you can get access to the right support, funding and equipment for your specific needs and goals.

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Affordable Pricing

We believe counselling & support services should accessible to everyone. This is why we offer affordably priced services to all our clients.

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We will work with you to ensure our services suit your specific needs. We commit to providing a unique experience for every client, as every client's needs and issues are individual to them.

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Supportive, honest & committed to positive change, we will drive you toward the truth and understanding of your issues, and assist you in gaining more clarity around the problem and it’s effect in your life. .

Dedicated Support

At the Sunshine Counselling & Support Services our goal is to exceed your expectations and we do this by providing focused and personal attention for every client. It is our mission to ensure the counselling process is an empowering experience.

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