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Respites & Groups

How can our Respites and Groups help me?

  • Respite means that family members can find support if they want a break from their role as a carer. It also offers people with disability the opportunity to get out and about in the community. This helps to provide help in social aspects to build confidence, Self-esteem, and community engagement for all.
  • Two types of respite are available:
  • Non-residential respite may involve someone coming into your home to care for a family member with a disability or accompanying them to activities in the community. 
  • These activities can include:
  • i. Social Sports and recreational activities.
  • ii. Daily tasks and chores.
  • iii. Tutoring and help with daily workloads.
  • iv. Goal setting.
  • v. Healthy living. 
  • Residential respite can include short-term stays away from home. 
  • Activities include:
  • i. Camping trips
  • ii. Hiking and Adventure activities
  • iii. Getaways
  • Sunshine Counselling & Support Service offer respite and wellness retreats where your time is spent working on personal goals. Depending on individual goals we can offer you support while participating in a range of activities. Whether it is fishing, bushwalking, building your confidence and self-esteem or learning the basic skills of how to cook, we tailor the weekend to suit your needs. Our staff will strive to help you reach your full potential and offer the support and resources you need to achieve your goals.
  • Group ActivitiesSunshine Counselling & Support Services provide weekly group activities. Group activities vary for there to be something to suit everybody. The weekly groups that we are happy to offer and facilitate are:
  • Wellbeing Group: This group focuses on daily wellbeing and healthy living. This group is perfect for anyone wanting to escape stressors that cause emotional distress and anxiety in everyday lives. 
  • These groups run every Monday between 11 am-2 pm.
  • Activities within this group include:
  • – Mindfulness Activities
  • – Meditation
  • – Healthy eating and meal preparation
  • – Yoga
  • – Group talks & Speakers.
  • Arts and Crafts Group: This Group is aimed at focusing on opening your artistic side and getting hands-on with a community of people with like-minded interests. We help facilitate a wide range of activities that aim at exploring your mind, emotions, and ideas to bring them to life. 
  • This group runs every Tuesday between 11 am – 2 pm.
  • Activities include:
  • – Canvas Painting
  • – Drawing 
  • – Creative Writing
  • – Poetry 
  • – Group brainstorming
  • – Sculpting
  • – Digital design
  • Women’s Group: This group aims to focus on Women’s support, Women’s health, and community activities of like-minded Women. We offer a safe space for women to come and talk, engage, create, and grow amongst like-minded peers. 
  • This group runs every Wednesday between 11 am – 2pm.
  • Activities include: 
  • – Book Club
  • – Manicures and self-care sessions
  • – Hair days
  • – High Tea
  • – Board games
  • – Group talk and Speakers.
  • – Sewing and knitting
  • Men’ group: This group targets Like minded men facilitating community activities and engagement, Socialising amongst peers with similar hobbies and interests, and building confidence as a group. This group runs every 
  • Thursday. Times will vary according to activities.
  • Activities include:
  • – Recreational activities (Fishing, Bowling, Hiking, pool)
  • – Games (Video games, Board games, Card games)
  • – Career goal setting (Resume Building, Interviewing skills) 
  • – Cooking and gardening lessons
  • – Sports
  • Social Group: This group aims at providing a space for you to come and participate in a wide range of activities no matter your preference. We provide a safe environment and a range of different meals. Whether you want to relax and just chat, play a board game, watch some TV, listen to music our Social group has you covered. 
  • This group Runs every Friday between 11 am – 2 pm.
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